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Specials & Aged Products

We will be adding 10 cigars a month to this section of the site. We are proud to present our prized selection of aged Cuban cigars, lovingly stored & aged in our special humidified walk-in stock room. These boxes are of course all EMS stamped and imported from Cuba by Hunters & Frankau over many years. The cigar’s go through an annual fermentation and as they age, develop a mellow flavour becoming smoother, whilst still retaining their individual taste. The marriage between the leaves develops over time, and generally, the older the Cuban cigar is, the better it will smoke. We trust that you will enjoy our vintage, aged Cuban cigar collections. Don't see what you are after, please get in touch - info@sauttercigars.com or the Mayfair store - 0044 (0)20 7499 4866