Welcome to the new Sautter of Mount Street website.

Hello, If you are a regular, lovely to see you...
If you are new here, it's a pleasure to "meet" you...

We decided to create a new Sautter site for a few reasons, and whilst in many ways I am personally sad to see the original one go, it's for the best I assure you.

Towards the end of last year when we were approached to create the Sautter site, Laurence and I had a creative orgy, the newbie and the veteran throwing ideas around like hot potatoes. We wanted a city guide, a beginners section, a forum, social networking, a membership section, a club... that's the edited list, basically this site had more features than Windows Vista and was just as muddled! Well, we did a good job at cutting down functionality, but to be honest there was a bigger problem at hand... Sautter is a Cuban cigar and cigar accessories retailer and has been for over 50 years - We sell cigars, and the old site was just not focused enough on that.

V2 Sautter is based on a very secure and powerful framework, all of our fun features like, commenting and giving feedback on the items are still there. We have cut back on a few unnecessary functions and made the e-commerce much more focused and helpful.

It is our plan to launch "Sautter Lifestyle" by October, this site will pick up all the important cigar lifestyle elements that we have lost and wished to have on V1, as well as showcasing some very interesting new developments with our beloved brand.

Those of you that left comments on V1, we are endeavoring to add them to V2, we thank you for your support and for your commitment to the community. As before we welcome your comments on the products, it's important for everyone to get a rounded impression of the items we stock.

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Feedback is welcome :)