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Rafael Gonzalez Products

Rafael Gonzalez

This brand, which debuted in Havana in 1928, was made from a secret blend of pure Vuelta Abajo tobaccos developed by Marquez Rafael Gonzalez, Grandee of Spain and sold as La Flor de Marquez. Still sold in Cuba today under the name, La Flor De Rafael Gonzalez Marquez. It was in this brand that the 6.5 inch, 42 gauge cigar, which has the factory name of Cervantes, was first called a Lonsdale after Lord Lonsdale, the famous English sporting Earl and cigar aficionado from the era. Each box carries a curious inscription written in English to the effect that the cigars should be smoked within one month of the date of shipment from Havana or otherwise carefully matured for about one year. The original Havana blend is known for being one of the most mild Cuban cigars, Rafael Gonzalez is characterised by smoothness, excellent balance and inviting aroma ..