An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

WE’VE spoken of cigar events before – but let’s do so again.


We have recently regained the ability to revel – responsibly – in person once more, and we urge you to do so with us; safely, securely and in very, very good company.


Sautter has lined up a series of intriguing and exciting new events for you to enjoy. Things like the Prohibition Party, in which we go all 1920s and serve incredible whisky from teapots; a collaboration with our friends at Davidoff to showcase cigars from different parts of the world; there is also talk of a Day of the Dead party to celebrate the lives of lost family and friends, as they do throughout Mexico; and more to come.


If you’ve never attended a live cigar event, you’re really missing out. Some of our greatest friendships, connections, tastings and pairings have come about thanks to the excuse of lighting up great cigars.


Online events will continue; they held a special place, of course, during the lockdown and continue to have an important place in the cigar event pantheon, uniting, as they do, those far away, who perhaps cannot travel, who do not wish, or are not able, to leave their homes, and those who only have limited time to dedicate to their love of the leaf.


But even the greatest advocate of the live Zoom or Instagram schedule would surely admit they are but a pale imitation of the ‘real thing.’


A gathering of cigar smokers is always a celebration. The sheer delight in being able to compare notes, catch up with familiar faces, meet new and interesting people and see great new venues, not to mention the myriad of tastings and pairings that inevitably ensue, form a huge part of our love for the cigar.


Sautter is proud to innovate in this event space, offering you the chance to sample cigars in both the intimate surroundings of our legendary store on Mount Street or to indulge in the incredible hospitality of Polish cigar expert Tomasz Sroka in our very cool Knightsbridge lounge. These are distinctly different from cigar events elsewhere. You can expect exceptional value for money, for Laurence Davis, Sautter impresario, is invariably a generous host, offering rare and vintage drams, cocktails and cigar pairings that will delight and astound your palate.


We would respectfully urge you to buy a sample ticket if you haven’t done so before. We have a hardcore following of cigar lovers who snap up these tickets like they’re going out of fashion, so you’ll have to be quick off the mark, but we recognise that new blood is just as important too. We want to meet you, find out your preferences, learn from you and have great fun along the way.


You will not regret it. A Sautter event is just that; a real event that creates memories you will treasure. Just ask anyone who’s been to one if you don’t believe us.


You are in for a treat.

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