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Big ‘uns and little ‘uns
Big ‘uns and little ‘uns
Big ‘uns and little ‘uns

Big ‘uns and little ‘uns

If you’re a regular at Sautter, you’ll probably understand that thinner is not always a winner here.

Most of our regulars – and El Jeffe himself, of course – favour large cigars. In some cases, very large cigars. As an example, take a look at our sneak peek video of the monster Super Mario; a 60 Ring Gauge by 101mm titan (it’s rolled exclusively for us in Cuba) on the Sautter YouTube channel.

You’ll find the cadre of ever-present faces generally puffing on big ‘uns because they love them. If you ask owner Laurence Davis about thinner cigars you’ll get an amused raised eyebrow and perhaps a comment or two. To him, a Lancero is like a noodle.

But whisper it behind his back; there are some of us here at Sautter who occasionally like something a little smaller or a little thinner. Time is precious to us all, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time available to justify lighting up a big ‘un.

Which is where some of Habanos SA’s more recent productions come into play (Habanos SA are the Cuban state-owned company responsible for the manufacture and sale of Cuban cigars worldwide).

Like the re-imagined Half Corona, for example. You’ll find a potted explanation of this history in a newly-aired Sautter Cigar Review on YouTube, for once featuring a little ‘un. In this case, it’s the delightful Montecristo Media Corona, which must be up there with one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ cigars money can buy. You can see what Laurence Davis and Nick Hammond think of the stick – and get the Half Corona size story, here.

Incidentally, this little Monte comes in tins of five, with a curved slide lid which just fits into your back pocket. Very cool and easy to slip into jacket or jeans in case the opportunity for a smoke arises.

Other small cigars worthy of mention are the H. Upmann Half Corona – a super little half corona which also comes in sexy little five-fer tins; and the bigger, but nonetheless excellent, Montecristo Petit Edmundo, which gives its larger cousin a run for its money and seems to hit the sweet spot from the moment you spark it up.

These are little smokes for limited time, but despite what El Jeffe might say, don’t ignore the long, thinnies either; they are some of the most elegant and flavourful Havanas money can buy.

Cigars of this style include the Montecristo Especial; and for something which may just change the way you think about cigars, the Trinidad Fundadores.

Big ‘uns are good ‘uns, sure, but spare a little room in your weekly cigar ration for some little ‘uns along the way. Just don’t tell Laurence and everything will be fine.

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