It feels a little like Christmas has arrived early at Sautter with the first shipments of this years  three new Edicion Limitada (or Limited Edition) cigars now being in stock and ready to sample.
This is always an exciting time of year as these are truly cigars produced in very limited quantities  and made with leaves that have been aged for two years. In previous years they have proved exceptionally popular. With new unique cigars from Cohiba, Ramon Allones and Hoyo de Monterrey 2011 is sure to go down as a great year and the cigars are all sampling very well.

The Evening Standard has recently highlighted that Mount Street is out to take Bond Street’s crown as London’s premier shopping street and this month in the first of an irregular feature we will be highlighting the story of one of Mount Street’s famous residents during the swinging sixties.We have also been alerted to an amazing new cigar photography project which we thought some of our readers may like to get involved with.  

We wanted to give you advanced notice of a new service from Sautter which is due to launch very soon. And finally, on a recent trip to Havana we took some wonderful video which we wanted to share with you via the ever popular Sautter You Tube channel.
So all in all a really exciting month for Sautters, now read on...


This years Limited Edition Cigars have arrived at Sautter

EL (Edicion Limitada) cigars,  a bit like London buses, arrive not on their own but in threes. The 2011 EL’s include some wonderful new vitolas from Cohiba, Ramon Allones and Hoyo de Monterrey. As ever limited really means limited and the initial stocks are expected to sell out very quickly.

The established format for the EL’s has been repeated this year and all the vitolas are new sizes which  do not appear in the usual range of each of the three selected brands. Also, the leaves selected have been aged for a minimum of two years and the cigars are distinguished by a darker wrapper leaf and the special gold and black Edicion Limitada 2011 second band.


The  Cohiba 1966  is a special EL to mark the 45th anniversary of the launch of the Habanos ‘Flagship’ brand Cohiba in 1966. The cigar has a 52 ring gauge and is 166 mm in the length.  This Edición Limitada commemorates the 45th anniversary of Cohiba, the flagship brand of Habanos, with an unique format specially elected for this occasion. This vitola is available is a single layer

Boite Nature box of 10 cigars or in singles from the Sautter humidor.

All the leaves for this new cigar have been very carefully selected and aged for a period of at least 2 years. The 1966 is characterised by a dark wrapper leaf which comes from the top leaves of the Tapado, shade grown black Cuban tobacco plant grown in the Vuelta Abajo (D.O.P) region of Cuba.

From our initial tastings of these cigars it is clear they are a beautiful cigar and ready to smoke and enjoy now. If you can manage to keep any we think they will also age extremely well.

Watch Laurence's review here.

Edicion Limitada 2011 Allones Extra of Ramon Allones

The second EL vitola is the Allones Extra. Ramón Allones is one of the oldest Habanos brands, which was first created in 1837. This is the very first time that the Ramon Allones brand has been selected for a Limited Edition and the selected vitola, the Allones Extra, was previously available until the end of the 1970´s in the normal range of the brand.

The vitola has a 44 ring gauge x 143 mm in the length. The cigar will is characterized by its flavour that makes of this brand one of the preferred by smokers who seek intense flavours and exquisite aromas. The standard box size is a labelled box of 25 and you can sample a single cigar by popping in to Sautter of Mount Street where they will be available while stocks last.

As with all Edicion Limitada cigars the Allones Extra has been made “Totalmente a Mano  “ (Totally by hand) using Tripa Larga-Long Filler tobacco by expert rollers, using tobacco leaves carefully cultivated and selected.

Our initial tastings of these cigars reveal a strong beautifully flavoured cigar that is likely to age exceptionally well. So consider laying down a couple of boxes to enjoy in a few years.

Edicion Limitada 2011 Hoyo de Monterrey  Short Hoyo Piramides

The third Edición Limitada is the Hoyo short Piramides from Hoyo de Monterrey which is a cigar which will be enjoyed by both the connoisseur or enthusiast and anyone new to cigars and looking to enjoy a cigar which has a lighter complex flavour and a delicate aroma.

The cigar has a new Figurado format and a 46 ring gauge and is 135mm in length.
It is available in a single layer box of 10 cigars and in singles in perfect condition from our humidor in Mount Street.

From our initial tastings we think these are a great cigar now and will just go on getting better in your humidor.

Watch Laurence's review here.

Life in Mount Street #1

If you haven’t read Keith Richards Autobiography ‘Life’ you have missed a beautifully written story of one of the great  rock characters of the last 50 years. While reading it I was struck by some great local information which brings new light to life in Mount Street.

In 1967 Keith Richards had ‘hooked up’ with Anita Pallenberg the then girl friend of fellow Rolling Stone Brian Jones who had just been eased out of the group due to his drug fuelled inability to play.

Anita was German, artistic and very well connected in the London ‘Pop Art’ scene of swinging London in the sixties. While hanging out with London’s ‘in crowd’ she had met Robert Fraser the Old Etonian, ex Kings African Rifles Captain who had become the centre of the London art set.  Robert owned the Fraser Gallery which launched many new artists into an unsuspecting London art scene.

Robert was with Keith, Mick Jagger and Mick’s then girl friend Marianne Faithful on the notorious February morning when the police raided Keith’s Sussex farm house Redlands. The picture of Robert and Jagger in hand cuffs outside the courtroom is an iconic image of the sixties.

After the court case Keith and Brian Jones headed to Morocco for some peace driving down through France in Keith’s blue Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur, which he called  ‘Blue Lena’. It was on this trip that Keith and Anita left Brian in Toulouse and drove on through Spain where they ‘got together’. Read the book for full details.

Robert was from a wealthy banking family and owned a flat at 23 Mount Street.

Keith and Anita stayed at the flat regularly when in London and they rented the flat for a time while Anita was filming Performance.

While Anita was out on set with co-star Mick Jagger, Keith sat in the flat at 23 Mount street worrying about what his girl friend and band mate were getting up to and during one very stormy afternoon he wrote Gimme Shelter, without doubt one of the Rolling Stones finest songs.

It’s great to know that rock history was made just a few doors from Sautter in Mount Street Mayfair.

If you want to know more I suggest reading:
- Life by Keith Richards Published by Phoenix
- Groovy Bob by Harriet Vyner Published by Faber and Faber

Fuma Divina - An amazing photography project

As a cigar smoker, the opportunity to be photographed by one of the worlds leading photographers must be the chance of a lifetime.

The photographer Alistair Morrison has built a worldwide reputation as one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of his generation. There are 75 of his photographs in the National Portrait Gallery, London and he has photographed icons of the past such as Bette Davis and Sir Laurence Olivier to today’s stars of the screen; theatre; writers; sportsmen and dignitaries.

His latest project is called Fuma Divina and it is an extraordinary photography journey. It will be  presented in an exclusive edition of 50 handmade leather bound books.

The ‘Fuma Divina’ limited edition book will be 19 inches x 13 inches (480mm x 330mm) and personalised with the names of the 50 cigar smokers whose photographs it will include, each photographed smoking in their favourite spot for a cigar. The book will be embossed with each smokers name on the cover with beautiful design features including duotone printing from plates of 100 stunning photographs and a glossary of Cuban tobacco terms embossed on the back cover.

Each sitter will get a personalised photographic shoot with Alistair Morrison at their chosen location. They will receive a Limited edition book with stamped edition number and 50 handmade Havana cigars with personalised band. In addition an Alistair Morrison print of their chosen portrait, titled, dated and signed on verso.

Finally each sitter will receive an invitation to the Exhibition opening and launch of the books, (presently London 2012)
For more details and confirmation of the prices please go to

New videos from Cuba

We try to get out to Havana as often as we can to keep up to speed with the latest news in the cigar industry, to smoke the new cigars as soon as they are available and to keep our noses to the ground, oh and we do have a lot of fun too it has to be said.

We have just added this new video to the Sautter Cigar Channel on You Tube which will show you a little of what we get up too.

If you would like to be kept up to date when we add new videos to the channel all you need to do is subscribe to the channel and you will receive an update every time a new video is added. Go to You Tube to subscribe at
The winner of last months ash tray is Maduro4958, the crate ash tray will be on it’s way to him shortly.

Don’t forget that we will be drawing the name of one of the You Tube Subscribers out of a hat again at the end of November so be sure you have subscribed to receive one of Sautter’s magnificent Boardroom crate ashtrays.

Twitter Update

If you follow @Sautter on Twitter then this story will be ‘old hat’ as we re-tweeted it a few days ago, and if all that means nothing to you then you should consider joining the nearly 400 people who follow @sauttercigars and get regular real time updates on what’s happening in Mount Street.

This month you will have seen this story from our friends at London’s Prodigal Guide , a wonderful guide to London’s bars, restaurants liberally spiced with stories on cars and watches and all written with a firm tongue in their cheek.

Two of the writers joined a recent Cuban Cigar Walk London and popped into Jack Barclay before heading to Sautter for a cigar, how very civilised.

@ProdigalSix Straight-Six
New on The Prodigal Guide: We descend into Jack Barclay's 'stock room', filled with a Bentley or two. And a Veyron.

So maybe it’s time you followed Sautter on Twitter and got the story hot off the press. 

Update on February trips to Cuba

As I write this an advanced party is currently on the way to Havana to make final arangements for the Sautter Havana trips in February.

The Habanos Festival is the high point of every year for cigar smokers. It is an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones over a cigar smoked on the terrace of the historic Nacional hotel in Havana.

There are also opportunities to be the very first people to sample some of the new cigars which will be in the shops during 2012.

All of this with a warm Cuban welcome, the odd Mojito or three and the constant aroma of fine Cuban cigars.

There will be a full update in next month issue, so make sure you keep an eye out or contact the store or email us for more details.

Cigar Training A great Christmas present or a wonderful Corporate evening

What should you give the cigar Smoker who has everything for his (or her) Christmas present? At Sautter we think we have it cracked! Our regular cigar training Saturdays make an ideal gift for a new cigar lover or a regular who wants to know more about how fine cigars are made.

Our monthly Saturday cigar training sessions will take you through the many processes involved in cigar manufacture from sowing the seeds each year in November to harvesting and maturing the tobacco before the complex processes of blending the tobacco and rolling the fine Havana cigars.

We will also take you through how to store, cut and light cigars. Recent training sessions have been attended by complete beginners and regular cigar enthusiasts.  

We can now also offer Cigar Training for Corporate Groups, a great way to bring your team together in a convivial atmosphere outside the usual office environment. If you would like to know more email and we will be delighted to work with you to tailor an event to suit your requirements.

Dates for your Diary

The final cigar training sessions for this year are nearly on us so if you want to join us you will need to be quick.

The final Saturdays for 2011 will be held on:

  • Saturday the 19th November
  • Saturday the 3rd of December.

The booking s for the November session have been very strong and we only have a couple of places left so if you would like to join us please ring the store today.

Dates for 2012 will be included in next months newsletter. 

24th November – 5.30 – 6.30 – Come and join us to celebrate the switching on of the Mount Street Christmas Lights, one of the most convivial evenings of the year.