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Cigar Yoga
Cigar Yoga

Cigar Yoga

Sometimes the world gets on top of you.

There’s always something to feel bad about, right? If you were Neolithic man, it was finding enough to eat and turn into the latest haute couture. Medieval chaps had barking mad monarchs and the local squire calling on their services to bugger off on crusades every few years to worry about.

Nowadays it’s stress; social media; money worries; the kids. There are always reasons to feel down and blue. Some of them genuine, like grief or infirmity.

But there are always reasons to raise your eyes to the Heavens, puff out your chest, dust yourself down and go again, too. Joy is all around you. You just have to remember to look.

We’ve gently tried to introduce the concept of cigars being part of a greater emphasis on mindfulness in your life. In this mad, mad, mad, mad world, the chance to stop, look and listen should not be overlooked. (Wasn’t that the Green Cross Code?)

We’ve also opined that when you’re in a foul mood, you may find grabbing a cigar and torching it up just means foul smoke to accompany the mood; sometimes our palates are influenced by how our days have been.

However, if you can get yourself onto some sort of equilibrium, where you neither rise to the very heights of euphoria on a good day, nor reach for the sleeping pills when you’ve had a shocker, the introduction of a fine cigar and the time and peace to enjoy it in its fullest can bring you to a state of serenity you won’t believe possible.

Read back through some of these tomes and you’ll also find exortations to concentrate on the little things about cigar smoking. Take your time over clipping; lovingly light your cigar.

Note how the smoke reels and eddies in a myriad of mesmeric shapes. Wonder about the people who gave their sweat and labour to make it, half a world away.

These are the thoughts and practices that will take you to your own personal, bespoke form Cigar Yoga. Each experience will be different – and you won’t pull any muscles. Let the cigar take the strain and do the hard work while you concentrate – on doing nothing but letting thoughts drift on by.

Accept the Sautter Cigar Yoga challenge; turn off the TV; put away your laptop; replace the book on the bookshelf; silence the radio. Just you, your cigar and your thoughts.

Monumental discoveries await you.

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