Give to Get

Give to Get

Cigar people are among the most generous you’ll ever meet.


As soon as cigar folks meet up – for the first time, or for the umpteenth – usually the first thing they do is reach for a cigar to give to the other.


We’ve mentioned before on these pages that newbies are often dumbstruck by the offer of sometimes superb sticks by people they’ve only just met. It’s the way we roll.


It’s a wonderful way to live – and may we be so bold as to say, once you take it into your heart and bring it into your everyday life as well, you will truly see some transformational magic.


It’s one of life’s great poorly kept secrets that you have to give to get. Everyone has been told that “You only get out of life what you put in.” But how many of us have really taken that on board and put it into practise?


The truth is – and it’s an undeniable, life truth – that once you start giving from a place of happiness and generosity (and not out of a sense of being ‘on the make’) – you get back tenfold.


It’s a wonderful, virtuous circle; it feels good to give, to try and make people’s lives better. And you are rewarded by good feelings, a sense of brotherhood with the rest of the world – and cosmically rewarded by others giving back to you. What’s not to like?


You may be wondering what this has to do with cigars. Well, something and nothing. Just a nod to the wise; take extra cigars when you go on your travels or to events. To be able to introduce a fellow lover of the leaf to something you know and like is yet another of the hobby’s great pleasures. And watch the cigars rain back on you when you do! Just don’t make getting the main reason for your giving; it won’t work if you do.


If you truly can’t afford to take a few extras with you, take one along and await the chance to offer it to someone who may really appreciate it. If you really, really can’t afford to take extra sticks at all, then no problem. Giving is never expected of you – just welcome when it comes.


Cigar giving will add further pleasure to your cigar journey. You’ll make new friends, have more interesting and informative discussions and be offered cigars to smoke you ordinarily would never had tried.


Trust us on this. It’s another little cigar secret, that’s free, from us, to you. Now that’s what we call giving.

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  • Ian Narbeth

    January 21, 2019 at 10:34 am Reply

    Spot on article. I have found cigar lovers among the most generous people. How many strangers give you a £10 gift on first acquaintance? Cigar fans do. As the author notes giving builds camaraderie and brotherhood.

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