Havana Here We Come…

There are times in everybody’s calendar that world-weariness takes hold.


It’s often around now, in the back-end of what has seemed an interminably long and grey-cloaked Winter.


While the first green shoots of Spring are tantalisingly in sight, they make the stubborn cold, dismal afternoons that persist around now that much harder to stomach.


However, a ray of sunshine is about to spill across these sullen pastures.


For it is now that the annual Habanos Festival takes place in majestic Havana each year. However you might feel about the official events and ever-increasing gaggles of tourists which now attend, there is no doubt that this is a major event in the cigar calendar.


If you’re lucky, you may have once attended and spent some time soaking up some much needed sunshine, topping up your suntan alongside your cigar humidor. And even if not, you may have been aware of the event and the grand cigars which are always launched there.


This year we have even better news to drag you from your slough of despond. The Sautter team is heading to Havana to report back just for you.


We’ll be blogging daily to let you know just how it feels to be in Havana during the festival. We’ll be travelling the length and breadth of the country – from the best-known cigar shops of Havana, to the furthest field of Pinar del Rio to bring you stories from the ground up. We’ll be filming our famous videos and taking interviews with interesting and important characters in the world of the Cuban cigar so that by sticking with us, you’ll become the best advised and equipped cigar lover it’s possible to be.


Make sure to check our Twitter and Instagram feeds daily so that you’re the first to receive notification of new updates and information on what El Jeffe Laurence Davis is getting up to in the heartland of the handrolled cigar. You can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be sitting around a tea set drinking hot water and smoking lanceros all week long.


Any special requests? Then let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll put it to the Maestro. You never know, you may get a shout out on one of our Sautter videos or mentioned on these very pages if you do…


We look forward to giving you a bird’s eye view from this year’s Habanos Festival.

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