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Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again
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Here We Go Again

BATTEN down the hatches, pull up the drawbridge; lockdown the sequel (Revenge of the Bog Roll Snatcher) is upon us.

Never fear, intrepid cigar lover. Sautter has you covered, Even if its famous doors on one of the world’s most prestigious streets will shortly be closed to customers.

The mail order chimps have been released from their cages and are chomping at the bit to wade into those gorgeous Mayfair orange packages and send them whizzing around the globe for your delectation. The worldwide Sautter army continues to grow, thanks in no small part to the regular Tuesday and Friday night Instagram Live shenanigans hosted by business owner Laurence Davis and his faithful sidekick, Nick Hammond. Friday night is usually quiz night (if Nick can’t find a good enough excuse to wriggle out of writing one) and the rest of the format is, shall we say, something of a free for all, in the nicest possible sense.

The two friends exchange plenty of repartee, smoke a stick or two, reminisce and catch up with friends, acquaintances and fellow lovers of the leaf from all over the world. Regular attendees from the USA, Middle and Far East, Europe and beyond chime in with their comments and every now and then LD hooks someone out of the crowd for a live chat to see how things are wherever they may be in the world. All good fun and totally free – and LD hands out very generous cigar-flavoured quiz prizes too.

You can stock up on popcorn and settle in to watch hours and hours of Sautter YouTube reviews as well; once again the dynamic duo pair up to tackle some of the hottest cigars on the market, with Nick using his not inconsiderable influence to persuade confirmed Havanaphile Laurence that tobacco does exist outside the Caribbean island.

Sometimes shot on location, more often shot at LD’s London cigar bunker, these long form discussions can range across many topics – not least of all cigars, which, between them, the two know a fair bit about. Hundreds of thousands of people watch these reviews and comment from all over the world. The Sautter Movie can only be a matter of time!

And finally, if that wasn’t enough, Nick also plays host to Sautter live and ticketed Zoom events – this week exploring a brand new cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, for example – which educate, enlighten and entertain in equal measure, as well as raising money for a children’s school in that country.

All in all, Sautter has got you covered during Covid. If you need a bit of advice on your forthcoming Christmas shopping, want to get a signed copy of Nick’s boo or fancy restocking your humidor, just drop us an email.

Sit back, light up and let Sautter supply the rest. Onwards and upwards.

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