Cohiba – Behike BHK 56 (Single cigar)


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This is the new super cigar that was launched at the Cuban cigar festival in February, and which goes on sale in May.

The first inch was very good, it tasted sweet, strong and was accelerating in the flavour and pleasure I was getting. Halfway through I thought I’d just arrived in heaven, this smoke is mind-boggling amazing. It’s not good it’s GREAT and one could eulogise forever…

I have honestly never tasted anything quite as superb, the burn is also tremendous. An hour later I was coming to the end of the cigar and decided I needed to celebrate so I opened a 1994, Laffite Rothschild Armagnac and declared that Easter Monday 2010 to me, was the birth of a new generation of smoking!

This cigar according to the growers is not only the dearest but the most difficult and complicated to roll. Although it scored a perfect 10 on the drillmaster machine in Cuba, I thought that for the first time I’ve ever had a totally even ash that was over 2 inches high, it stood up in the ashtray like a pillar. For aficionados around the world this Behike, the grand daddy of all sizes, shows that Cuba with its great and fine traditions can also be creative and inventive in this modern age, and without having to sacrifice any quality.

Whatever you do, whatever you smoke, you MUST and I emphasise MUST indulge yourself. If you remember the Cohiba Sublime, it started life at just over £30 and is now selling regularly for over £140. This is not only an amazing smoke, but will be an amazing investment.


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