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Drinking fine tea is enhanced by high quality infusionware. Our aim with the Aurora was to design an infusion tool for tea enthusiasts. The Aurora infuses a single serving, so the leaves don’t over-infuse. The spout strains most styles of tea leaf. The design is simple, very easy to empty and clean.


The Aurora is designed in London with ceramicist Linda Bloomfield. Each piece is made from fine bone china in Stoke on Trent, England.


The Aurora is used in some of London’s finest restaurants and independent establishments.


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How to Use


  1. After warming the Aurora with warm/hot water, place the leaves in the vessel.
  2. Add water at the correct temperature, up to the desired fill level; 150ml (teacup) or 200ml (large cup). Do not overfill.
  3. Replace the lid and infuse for the desired time.
  4. Grip the Aurora around the cooler rim, with a finger on the lid. Avoid holding the chamber which will be hot. Pour out all the liquid through the spout. If an airlock forms, put the Aurora down and lift the lid to clear the airlock, then replace it and resume pouring.
  5. The leaves are now dry, not over-brewing, and are ready for the next infusion.


Cleaning Instructions


Good cleaning prevents staining. After use, empty the leaves and wash the Aurora. If you are not washing straight away, fill with water to soak. Avoid letting tea residue dry out in the vessel. Much like a wine glass or decanter, this helps avoid stains. Clean with warm soapy water and a firm scrub. Dishwashing is optional; it may reduce the lifespan of the gold markings a little.


Important Information


The logo is metallic. Do not microwave.


Tea is hot. Use with care and common sense. Not suitable for children. Avoid holding the outside of the chamber itself. Overfilling may cause the rim to become hot.


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