Padron – Nicaragua – Damaso No.12 (Box of 20)



“Introducing Dámaso. For those who seek the quality and consistency of Padrón in a milder taste profile.This cigar was named for José O. Padrón’s Grandfather Dámaso, who was the first Padrón to arrive in Cuba sometime in the late 1800’s from the Canary Islands. In Cuba, they called people from there “Isleños”. They were serious people who kept their word. Isleños tended to work in farming, and in this tradition José O. Padrón’s Grandfather rented a small piece of land in Pinar del Rio and started growing tobacco.


Dámaso was an honest, decent man and a hard worker. He taught the Padrón family to honour their word and be humble. These are the lessons that have stayed with José O. Padrón throughout his life. José O. Padrón has tried to pass them onto his children. It means a lot to José O. Padrón that they are making this cigar in honour of his Grandfather. Dámaso gave the Padrón’s life, a family and their start in this industry.


José O. Padrón hopes Dámaso is somewhere looking down and feeling proud of the company that the Padrón’s have built. José O. Padrón would like to think that Dámaso would be honoured that the Padrón’s are continuing his legacy. Dámaso would be proud that cigars bearing his name are sold around the world.” – José O. Padrón


Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

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125 mm




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