The Month of Doom

The Month of Doom

January can be a depressing time of the year – but it needn’t be. Use the opportunity to reassess your cigar hobby and what you get out of it…


After the Lord Mayor’s Show.


That’s what January feels like. For a couple of weeks you’ve had carte blanche to eat, drink – and smoke – to your heart’s content.


But the long, dark first month of the year awaits us.


And with it comes a deluge of lyrca.


Everyone, it seems, hits the gym in January. They vow to improve their lifestyles. They go on diets. They kick the booze. So where do cigars fit in? The answer is simple. Perfectly.


Cigar smokers aren’t the nicotine-craving addicts that huddle under flimsy plastic shelters in the rain, puffing away on machine-made, chopped up, chemical-filled crap. We smoke cigars for sheer indulgence.


We smoke them for flavour and taste, for conviviality and for an appreciation of the finer things in life; something decadent, precious, carefully crafted.


If you’re harangued by a loved one this January to go on a health kick – or feel a twinge of guilt yourself at recent hedonistic displays – then cut yourself some slack. Simply use the dreaded first month to reassess your cigar enjoyment. Do you still linger over the silky wrapper of your chosen stick? Do you take your time to smell it, savour a cold (unlit) draw and anticipate the flavours that are to come? Do you take your time in clipping and lighting up and give full prominence to the ceremony and enforced deceleration that the cigar ritual provides?

The Month of Doom

If not, now’s the time to address the situation. Try to recall the last time you thought about your cigar while smoking it; what its character was like, its strength and flavour, how it had been blended, what distant lands its carefully tended leaves had been grown in. You’ll find that if you do this, the real enjoyment of cigar smoking will be revealed to you once more. Familiarity does indeed sometimes breed contempt.

You’ll remember what drew to you cigars in the first place. Not just for a hit of nicotine or the ability to chuff smoke like a steam train. It was because of the allure of the cigar; the magic of the ritual; the beginning of a journey of discovery; the comradeship of like-minded others.


Recall all this and you will look forward to your next cigar with the fervency of the newly-converted. You will also be more inclined to savour your sticks instead of puffing them down in a haze of smoke and forgetting all about them forever more. They deserve more than that.


These are the steps you should look forward to this January. Do things because you want to, not because they’re a habit, and you’ll rediscover your joy and passion.


A whole spanking new year awaits your pleasure. Savour every moment.

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  • Refat Salameh

    January 10, 2018 at 11:38 am Reply

    I cannot stress enough how enjoyable and rich your blog language is. A sheer joy every volley. Keep it going, and thank you for defending the cause!

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