Try, Try, Try Again

Try, Try, Try Again

Sometimes perseverance is the key.


There are times in this life that despite our previous efforts, despite our best intentions, despite every prayer, hope and faded dream – things don’t work out the way we wanted.


When this happens, it’s understandable and very easy to fall into a despond. We’re not good enough, we don’t deserve it, we’re never going to achieve our dreams.


It is at this stage that the majority get ‘shaken out.’ It is at this stage that only the determined few push on. It is at this stage that you must summon all your mental fortitude to force your head up and keep going.


The reason we mention this within the confines of a humble cigar blog is because cigars are just a part of the rich tapestry of our existence – and play a part in our lives alongside the million other factors that come into play on a day-to-day basis. Consider it for a second; your brain wanders a lot when you smoke cigars. In fact, we kinda think that’s the point.


When you begin your cigar ritual – looking, selecting, clipping, lighting – you ease yourself into your Cigar Zen state of mind. This is the cigar equivalent to starting your yoga session with a few sun salutes. This, we believe, is a crucial opportunity to take stock, evaluate and make promises to yourself about how you push forward with your hopes and dreams.


Of course, you can just smoke a cigar and shoot the breeze with your pals, too; just don’t forget the potential power of time spent in reflection with your cigar in hand. Seize this opportunity; let the truth of a handmade product, rolled with love, reveal the truth in the way you are working and living your life. The answers, after all, as many a wise guru has said, are all inside you. Sometimes, you just need to remember where you left the key to unlock them.


Listen to what your cigar is telling you. Slow down, take your time, make the moment count. For it will tell you how best to navigate your way forward. Assess where you are and how you got there. Could you have done anything differently, anything better? Don’t waste time beating yourself up about stuff that’s already happened. Be honest, face the facts, move on. Anything else is a waste of energy.


As long as you’re confident about the where you’re heading and how you think you should get there, don’t let a few set backs along the way force you to a grinding halt. Every single person who has achieved what they set out to achieve has had to face obstacles along the way.


Instead, rely on your cigar to be the ringing voice of clarity and remember to be thankful and enjoy it. As Churchill – who, let’s face it, knew a thing or two when it came to cigars – once said: “Keep buggering on.”


Find your Cigar Zen and the answers will find you.

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