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If you have just started enjoying fine Havana cigars or have been smoking for a while and would like to know more about the history of the Cuban cigar industry and how Cuban cigars are made Sautter has over 50 years of experience and can help you learn more.

Once a month on a Saturday, Sautters run cigar training. This is the ideal way to learn more about the intricacies of keeping and enjoying Cuban cigars and will follow the manufacture of a cigar from the sowing of the seed through harvesting and maturing of the tobacco, to the rolling and sorting of the cigars.

The training starts on the cigar terrace of one of London’s finest boutique hotels, where it is possible to smoke. After lunch, we move on to Sautter in Mount Street for an afternoon which will focus on the correct way to store, light and enjoy your cigars.

Over 50 years Sautter has gained an unparalleled reputation for aged Cuban cigars, we are delighted to be able to pass on our experience to new cigar aficionados.




Beginners > How to Choose a Cigar

Choosing a cigar can be an overwhelming task when you are confronted with hundreds and maybe even thousands of choices. What colour do you look for? What size do you want? Are there tell tale signs to watch out for when buying a cigar? All these questions will be answered.

Without getting into too much detail, let’s look at the most obvious aspect of a cigar: colour. The shade of the wrapper usually is an indication of the flavor of the cigar. The darker the cigar, the more likely it will be spicier. This is more of a rule of thumb than a hard fast rule. Most new cigar smokers will appreciate a lighter colour. These are the general categories of color:

  • Double Claro – Known to have a greenish tint on its wrapper. It’s a light cigar that has had limited aging.
  • Claro – Typically signifies that the cigar will be mild. It has a light brown colour.
  • Natural (also called English Market Select) light brown to brown – These are most often sun grown, meaning they are not protected by canopies like shade grown leaves. Fuller bodied flavour than shade grown leaves, but still very smooth.
  • Colorado Claro – This wrapper is your standard brown colour. Slightly stronger than the Claro but still considered mild.
  • Maduro – These wrappers are dark brown and give off an excellent aroma. They are considered medium to strong cigars.
  • Oscuro – The Oscuro has a very dark brown, practically black wrapper and is strong in flavour.

The darker the colour, the sweeter and stronger the flavour is likely to be, and the greater the oil and sugar content of the wrapper. Darker wrappers will normally have spent longer at the tobacco plant or come from higher altitudes: the extra exposure to sunlight produces both oil (as protection) and sugar (through photosynthesis). They will also have been fermented for longer.