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It all began when Jose Pepin Garcia and his family established a very small cigar factory in Little Havana in 2003. The Garcia family follows tradition they lived and learnt in Cuba and proudly own two factories. The headquarters in Doral is a boutique factory with a team of 12 expert cigar rollers trained by Don Pepin himself. The other is the 7-acre complex, Garcia Family Industrial Park in Esteli, Nicaragua which opened in August 2009 with more than 300 cigar rollers. The Garcia family blends are uncompromisingly robust and aromatic, recognised for their distinct combination of strength, richness and spicy aroma along with a heavy finish. The construction is a very meticulous handcrafted cigar with a beautiful wrapper and a traditional triple-cap finish. Pepin's traditions, heart and soul go into every cigar he makes.
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