Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Don’ts

IT’S easy to forget when you’ve been a cigar fan for a long time, that not everyone may be quite as assured as you in

Shifting Tectonics

Shifting Tectonics

THE world cigar market continues to fascinate; now moving and changing as fast as it has done in generations. The great tectonic plates of Cuban

A World of Opportunity

A World of Opportunity

IT’S easy to think that all is doom and gloom in the cigar world – and beyond, for that matter – but here at Sautter



THIS really does feel like an epiphany for the Cuban cigar industry – indeed for cigar makers and consumers. This perfect storm of cigar shortages;

LD on Nick's Book

LD on Nick’s Book

IN my opinion, there are cigar books and then there’s Around The World in 80 Cigars. I must have read it half a dozen times

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