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Larranaga Launch
Larranaga Launch

Larranaga Launch

YOU can’t beat a good, old-fashioned cigar launch night.

This particular launch was given a modern twist by those crafty so and sos in the Hunters & Frankau marketing department.

Last week’s launch of the Por Larranaga Larranaga 47 was a much-anticipated chance to taste this new cigar – a Churchill size, if you will – at the same time as hundreds of other enthusiasts all over the United Kingdom.

Hunters & Frankau – the company responsible for importing Cuban cigars into the UK – set up the launch event after a ‘trial run’ of something similar back in the dreaded Covid lockdown times. The Ramon Allones Allones No.2 was the last such launch these shores were treated to, and as a large social gathering – as used to take place to mark such auspicious occasions – would be frowned upon, Hunters hit upon the bright idea of sending out individual packs (containing cigars, drink and other goodies) and having a series of small events run through the country’s chain of cigar specialist shops.

It was such a success that the format was replicated again last week, with ticket holders being invited to the cigar store of their choice to receive their packs and be among the first to smoke the new cigar. Sautter was pic of the bunch with a barely believable £100 price tag, to include two Larranaga 47s, lashings of booze, your welcome pack and the chance to be royally entertained by either Mr Davis himself in Knightsbridge or the eloquent Mr Hammond in Mount Street. Which, if you bear in mind each cigar costs around £80 RRP, is an absolute steal.

So, a wise gaggle of cigar-loving friends pitched up at 6.30pm at either venue in readiness for the night’s festivities. As the clock chimed the half-hour, they listened to a short video from Hunters & Frankau Executive Chairman, Jemma Freeman, and then were invited, at last, to fire up their cigars.

The consensus on the night was virtually unanimous – an outstanding display of cigarmaking. Rich, sweet, spicy, complex – these were among the words used by enthused event attendees to describe their first take on the beautiful-looking new Regional Edition cigar, of which only 1,500 cabs of 50 were made. Some expressed the opinion that the cigar was too light for their palate, but on the whole, the cigar was voted as superb and a fantastic candidate for ageing.

Both Mount Street and Knightsbridge filled with happy smoke, and even happier faces after gratis Margueritas and glasses of superb Tequila. In fact, guests had to be tactfully turfed out of Mount Street at around 9pm so staff could close up shop!

If you’ve never been to an event like this, do yourself a favour next time and get in early to book your ticket. You will meet like-minded folk, likely make a friend of two, learn something and, if nothing else, will get the chance to puff on a great cigar and have a drink or three.

Now, what on earth are you waiting for?

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