Hold Firm

Hold Firm

PERVERSELY, after coming through what we all have over the last 18 months, now might be the toughest part of all. In the eye of the storm, one has little option but to turn up one’s collar and lean into



LD faced a firing squad last week. Not literally, of course, but it felt a bit like it at times. Mr Davis had been invited to take part in an online debate with other guests from around the cigar world

You Can Open Your Eyes...

You Can Open Your Eyes

WELL, that took a while, didn’t it? It seems like a very long time ago indeed that Sautter was happily penning a blog post each week or so and we were all merrily going about our business as we’d always

Brave New World

Brave New World

WHAT will the world look like once we’re out the other side? It’s a huge question. Much has changed on many fronts and that change may continue to be felt even after we’re regained some sense of normality after this

Let's Look Forward

Let’s Look Forward

EVEN just a read back through these blogs is a telling comment on our times. The last year has been unlike any that we have ever seen. Every time we thought we had this virus in check, it has come

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