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Santa Baby
Santa Baby
Santa Baby

Santa Baby

I’VE done it. I’ve put on a Christmas song.

A rousing live version Come Home For Christmas by Bon Jovi – from the Very Special Christmas Live album – is the first drop of Christmas cheer I’ve allowed to seep into my consciousness this year.

I normally try and keep the jolly fat bearded chap in check until around the week before the great day. I can’t stand being killed by the thousand cuts of tinsel and twinkles and lights and festivities seemingly months beforehand. Christmas is a special time and it should stay that way, not be stretched out for the whole of November too.

Anyway, the cat is well and truly out of the bag now, so I might as well get on with it. From one cigar chap to another – what do we want in our stockings this year? If Santa brought me a box of the latest Regional Edition Por Larranaga Larranaga 47 I’d be more than happy. It is a superb stick if the two I have smoked are anything to judge it by. Although there has been some concern about the consistency of the limited run among aficionados, when they’re good, they’re grrrreat! as Tony the Tiger used to say. But with the cab of 50 being the thick end of four thousand quid, the chances of Santa dropping one off at Chez Hammond are as likely as me getting a date with Natalie Portman. (Give us a call, Nat!)

My Christmas wishes are, in reality, more modest. But nothing excites me like a box of cigars, so if you want to get me something this year – then here’s a little heads up of what I have enjoyed in recent times…

I still can’t say enough good things about the Andalusian Bull. It’s been around a while now, albeit in very limited quantities, but is, for my money, one of the best smokes out there. It’s a monster of a cigar, perfect for that special occasion, and I would be more than happy to crack open my Christmas box and select one just after my goose is well and truly cooked this year.

Another contender would be the Partagas E No.2. Again, a big stick and one that will keep you gloriously occupied for a considerable period of bold, beefy flavour. If you like a strong but well-blended cigar, this is my pick of the pops.

Pete Johnson continues to make outstanding cigars out of Nicaraguan tobacco. He’s such a humble guy and his love for cigars just shines out of every pore whenever you see him. It’s rather inspirational, actually, and a lovely reminder of just how this amazing obsession can grab you and never let go. And to people like Pete, and me, and, hopefully, you, it never gets dull! You can safely pick any cigar you like from Pete’s Tatuaje brand – they’re all quite simply excellent.

Finally, if it’s extras, dodads, gadgets and gizmos you’re after as well as cigars, do yourself a favour and get along to Sautter – there are more cigar-related goodies and paraphernalia in the shops at Mount Street and Knightsbridge to sink a battleship. If you can’t find something you like here, you might as well pack up and head home to listen to Christmas songs.

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