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Habanos World Days
Sautter Cigar Library - Habanos World Days
Sautter Cigar Library - Habanos World Days

Habanos World Days

SO, the annual Havana cigar shenanigans are over for another year, and despite the exorbitant prices of both cigars and tickets for the Gala Dinner in Havana, there appeared to be no shortages of sightseers, well-wishers, glad handers and Instagrammers.

Once again, some incredible humidors were created to be sold at the legendary auction, supposedly in aid of Cuba’s health system. These days, the Lots literally sell for millions each.

It’s all a far cry from the days of yore, when our very own Simon Case was the auctioneer extraordinaire and Lots were still pricey, but not silly money. As well as the Gala Dinner, several other events were held during the Habanos Festival week, which celebrates all that is great and good about Cuban cigars. And this week, we heard that Hunters & Frankau – the imports of Cuban cigars for the UK – will be doing their bit and hosting a special three-day cigar extravaganza here in June.

Look down the back of the sofa, for early indications are that these are eye-wateringly dear tickets; but they promise to be a spectacular series of events. Here’s how it will break down, and Sautter will be reporting – live, online and in in-depth articles – about each day’s proceedings…

Sautter Cigar Library - Habanos World Days
Sautter Cigar Library – Habanos World Days

On the evening of Thursday June 20, guests will be invited to join in a classic Summer party ‘with a Cuban twist.’ The last of these types of affairs was thrown by Hunters to celebrate their 225th anniversary a few years ago and it was absolutely spectacular. Expect live music, cigars, great cocktails and a few more surprises thrown in.

Friday June 21 will be a busy day, with keynote speakers and a round table conference including leading industry figures from both UK and Cuba. There will also be an exhibition of Trinidad cigars, old and new, which promises to be fascinating. The ‘Trinidad Perfect Pairing’ will be presented to the audience. If that wasn’t enough, later that day, a series of 55 simultaneous events will take place around the country to feature various Trinidad brands.

Finally, on Saturday evening, the Habanos World Days comes to a lavish end with a gala dinner in spectacular surroundings. The black-tie event will also see the launch of the Trinidad Cabildos and the Trinidad Premier Edition. There will be a charity auction on the night.

Sounds like a brilliant few days of events if you’re a lover of the leaf, and while it is sad that the ticket prices mentioned to us are likely to price most people out of attending, an event of this magnitude, spread as it is over several days, is something we can’t remember ever happening before. If you are interested in tickets to any or all events, then contact us for the latest, as despite the price, they will go like hot cakes.

And if you are unable to attend, for any reason, you can rely on Sautter to be your eyes, ears and your guide to all that happens. We are very much looking forward to it.

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