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Santa Baby

Santa Baby

I’VE done it. I’ve put on a Christmas song. A rousing live version Come Home For Christmas by Bon Jovi – from the Very Special Christmas Live album – is the first drop of Christmas cheer I’ve allowed to seep into my consciousness this year.

Cigars and Drinks Pt II

Cigars and Drinks Part II

ANOTHER chance to talk about cigar pairings – and let’s stick to drinks for the time being. Cigars and beer is a cracking combination. Whether your preference is for a cold Pilsner on a hot day, a chewable pint of Irish stout or a hoppy burst from a strong Suffolk ale, a smorgasbörd awaits you.

Cigars and Drinks Pt I

Cigars and Drinks Part I

CIGARS and drink pairings is a huge topic. Everyone has their favourite, and we’re here to tell you about a few today and in future columns, but – first, we’ll add the caveat that we wish could be stuck on all boxes of fine cigars instead of the disgusting so-called health warnings we have to endure. Why don’t they put a picture of a naked obese person on every burger wrapper?

Your Cigar Fantasy

Your Cigar Fantasy

INNOVATION doesn’t always necessarily end up in a good thing, but it is an essential driving force of human nature. As the saying goes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got, so in the never-ending quest to better ourselves, generation by generation, we must always look to innovate.

Sampling Galore

Sampling Galore...

DO you remember pick’n’ mix when you were a kid? When you could have a couple of mojos, a blackjack or three, the obligatory flying saucer, a white chocolate mouse, shoelaces, a flump, cola bottles and one of those hideous tasting bananas for just a few of your precious pocket money pennies.