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Sampling Galore...
Sampling Galore...

Sampling Galore

DO you remember pick’n’ mix when you were a kid?

When you could have a couple of mojos, a blackjack or three, the obligatory flying saucer, a white chocolate mouse, shoelaces, a flump, cola bottles and one of those hideous tasting bananas for just a few of your precious pocket money pennies?

Ah, those were the days. You could always swap out something you didn’t like for, say, a sherbet dib dab, or a packet of space dust. But the point is, that you had a weird and wonderful collection of goodies at what you conceived, in your pre-pubescent head, was a bargain price. It made the experience all the more magical. Your loot was wrapped up in a deftly closed white paper bag and you departed said sweet shop clutching your little bag like it was a sack of jewels from Ali Baba’s cave – or whatever other fanciful story that had happened to catch your imagination at that particular moment.

At Sautter, we’re nothing if we’re not big kids at heart. Have you seen the Sautter YouTube videos, for Heaven’s sake?! So, we’d like to let you in on a remarkable new deal – reminiscent of your favourite corner sweet shop – that will be available online and in-store very shortly.

Nick Hammond, Sautter friend and knowledgeable New World cigar lover, has picked out examples of great hand-rolled cigar making from each of the major cigar growing countries and put them together to form a series of irresistible sampler packs curated to help you get to know, and form your own thoughts and opinions on, the wonderful world of New World cigars.

Laurence Davis, Sautter owner and cigar friend to all, has acted with his customary generosity and will offer these lovely three cigar samplers at an unbelievable 20% discount from the retail price for the first 30 days of their sale. There really is no excuse for not educating your palate further.

You may have read, in these pages and beyond, that the stocks of Cuban cigars – particularly, but not exclusively the larger vitolas – are in critical supply. This is another good reason to have some New World sticks in your arsenal. There has never been a better time to get stuck into a new menu.

Each of the packs will come complete with Nick’s tasting notes, giving you some background on the cigar and maker and letting you know why he thinks these sticks are worthy of your attention. Then, if you find one which really hits the spot, you will be better informed and able to decide on future box purchases. You never know, LD might be willing to sanction a discount on box purchases made on the back of these samplers…

The chosen countries from which these samplers are taken are Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico. The cigars are from masters in their fields; household names like Oliva, My Father, Drew Estate, Joya de Nicaragua, Tatuaje, Flor Dominicana, Alec Bradley, Christian Eiroa, Casa Turrent and more.

Strike now, while the New World iron is hot!

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