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SO here we are. Lockdown.

In scenes which would have seemed apocalyptic and simply unbelievable just a month ago, seemingly the entire world is banged up indoors as we try to wait out Corona.

The world has changed quickly, and, in typically human fashion, we’ve changed with it. Many of you will have adapted your long-used daily routines and habits and started new ones. We may be unsettled, we may be a little scared. But you have to admit, we’re also pretty marvelous when it comes to adapting. Kids are now home-schooling as if it were natural; folks are keeping in touch online and in chat rooms; acts of kindness sweep across every town and village in the land; and the world has learned to use Zoom to have virtual meetings with loved ones.

Never one to linger in the past, Laurence Davis is also keen to do his bit for his cigar-loving friends. The mighty Corona for Corona Smokeathon will take place at 2pm on Good Friday, April 10, when Laurence and hundreds of fellow cigar smokers from around the world join together and puff in peace. They’ll all be smoking the famed Montecristo No.4. And of course, on-screen collaborator and Sautter friend, author Nick Hammond will also be popping in for a chat and to enjoy the camaraderie.

Sautter also remains open for business, although only via the post. LD himself is popping into the shop twice a week to pick and post your favourite smokes, so take advantage of it while you can and make sure the home humidor is well stocked.

We all need to stick together in these times to make sure we get through to the other side, whenever that might be. A lot of people are going to be affected. Many won’t be able to keep their businesses going. It’s encumbent on each and every one of us to support those businesses around us and help those who need us most, in the business community as well as in the community as a whole.

Try to shop as local as you can; support local produce. Buy from farmers, bakers, butchers. Learn to bake your own bread if you have time, spend some time with your families, be patient, thank our incredible health workers. And let’s get together when all of this madness is over and celebrate a new beginning with a damned good smoke.

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  1. Received my fine smokes last Saturday, many thanks guys !
    Times are unsettling at the moment, but working from home with a fine Cuban stick does have its benefits.

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