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Wisdom, Sagacity, Experience, Understanding
Wisdom, Sagacity, Experience, Understanding
Wisdom, Sagacity, Experience, Understanding

Wisdom, Sagacity, Experience, Understanding

Among the many things that the cigar offers those who take the time to get to know it, is the wisdom that comes with a balanced view of the world.

In cigars, as in many other walks of life, there is the sometimes glimmering lure of racing to attain the unattainable; collecting the uncollectable; smoking the unsmokeable; trying to have that which we simply cannot.

What do we mean? Think on.

When you first started your tentative foray into the heady world of cigars, it’s likely you held the mighty Cuban cigar up as the Holy Grail. Perhaps you couldn’t afford to smoke one very often, or didn’t know what to buy if you could. You sought information on what makes a great Cuban cigar and tried to educate your palate on the various notes and subtle differences between brands or Marques. No doubt the mysterious and wonderful world of the Cuban cigar held sway – and maybe still does. But maybe after a while, the run of the mill Cubans, if one can be so rude as to call them that; those regular production cigars available to all – began to pall a little in their attraction.

Now, that feverish, obsessed part of your brain reserved for cigars began to fantastic about Limited Edition versions; obscure examples of well-known brands only available in certain countries and certain sizes. Cigars that were limited in number and not available to the masses.

And you can see where this leads. Any amount of those rare, aged, limited or unusual cigars are never enough to fill that cigar-shaped hole. To those afflicted with this disorder, a ‘humdrum’ Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 now appears shamefully pedestrian; that Romeo y Julieta little tubos you used to rave about is a long-forgotten memory. This, like any other pernicious form of vice or avarice, will only lead to dissatisfaction.

Because it is never enough. You can fill your humidors with ancient Davidoffs and long-forgotten Cohibas; but you’ll still feel that niggling, nagging need for the next one, and the next one.

Sit back. Relax. Take a breath. By all means collect unusual or hard to find cigars. It’s a rewarding hobby. But never forget where you came from. Those humble sticks that brought you your first delights and insights remain waiting. Revisit and re-evaluate them with the benefit of your now more educated palate.

Enjoy all that this wonderful hobby can offer, from the sublime to the commonplace, and take gratefully from each what they have to offer.

Now that’s wisdom, sagacity, experience and understanding.

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