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Have A Little Faith
Have A Little Faith
Have A Little Faith

Have A Little Faith

So much of a successful life – and by that, we mean a happy, fulfilled one – is about putting one foot in front of another.

That sounds rather like over simplification, but the essence of the statement remains absolutely true. Nothing can be achieved without that first small step; that first discussion; that first meeting; those first, dauntingly lonely words going down on that alarmingly blank sheet of white paper.

Nothing – not the building of a space rocket, nor the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning – can be accomplished without taking that first step. And in order to take that first step, you must employ faith.

Faith comes in all sorts of packages, of course, from the religious variety to simply trusting infallibly in the fact that when your feet touch the floor for the first time each morning, you’ll be able to stand on them and then walk. All this is taken on faith.

And even the greatest journeys when it comes to cigars must surely also start somewhere – in whatever seemingly innocuous manner is befitting at the time. Sure, dreams of strolling through Old Havana with a smouldering vintage Partagas in your paws may seem so distant as to be just that – your wildest dreams. But that doesn’t mean that one day, they won’t become a reality. It just means, that like every other endeavour or undertaking in life, you must begin by acting in good faith.

Short cuts don’t exist when it comes to quality, history, knowledge and experience. All these things have to be worked at, to be earned. And the benefit of that experience and learning is that you keep it with you as you travel on your journey, enabling you to make wiser and better, more informed choices along the way. You are literally given the keys to the Garden of Eden and told to go and have fun with them.

Begin your cigar journey with a little faith, too. If you can’t quite afford to splash out on big name, large girth sticks straight away, don’t grump around moaning about it. Accept that these treats lie in store for you, as surely as the delights in the Garden of Eden. And explore other avenues that may be more readily available at your fingertips. Look for smaller, but still quality options. Seek out those lesser known brands that may not be as fashionable but surely offer a great smoke. Perhaps your first steps lie in finding some cigars that while machine made instead of being handrolled, still comprise superb quality tobacco leaves in their blend. Believe us, they exist.

Embark on this journey joyously, without rancour for what you feel you might be missing. Because the reality is, if you want something enough in life, you can get it. And so, accept that your dreams are on their way and await you. And enjoy the here and now and the adventures you have to experience along your path.

These, we can promise you, offer you lessons and experiences every bit as vital, life affirming and useful as any spent in more lavish surroundings in the company of more fashionable cigars. Look deeper, find the value and enjoy navigating the wonderful world of cigars.

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