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Keeping up with the Jones’s
Keeping up with the Jones’s
Keeping up with the Jones’s

Keeping up with the Jones’s

KEEPING up with the Jones’s is a mug’s game.

Even if you’re as rich as Croesus, there’ll be someone, somewhere, who’s richer.

The purpose of money is to help smooth your way through life and make your existence more pleasant. If you become obsessed with the mere obtaining of it, you’ve missed the point entirely.

And the same goes for cigars, of course. We all end up needing a larger humidor (it’s just part of the cigar condition, we’re afraid, so best not to fight it; just buy a humidor about twice as big as the one you were thinking of buying).

But the need to buy more, more, more, just to keep up with those around you, is a lesson in futility. No sooner have you bought that box of 10 Regional Edition specials from a country you’ve never heard of – than they bring out a new one somewhere else.

No, you’re much better of gratefully stepping off the roundabout and smirking at those who are still on it and getting dizzier – and poorer – by the minute.

That’s not to say, however, that Sautter decries a handsome cigar portfolio; quite the opposite. The store operates a ‘visit you’ Cigar Butler service, which includes an in-depth discussion about your cigar wants / needs / desires and a cigar specialist who will curate your collection for you, ensuring it is maintained beautifully and stocked with the finest of smokes at their optimum for smoking. Taking advantage of this, or Sautter’s cigar subscription service, is a great way to learn more without making costly mistakes. And it’s also a lot of fun.

The smokes you buy are still ultimately your decision; want to throw in a vintage selection? Just ask. The Sautter experts are on hand to advise and assist.

Talking of vintage; we don’t do it enough on these pages. For Sautter has some incredible vintage cigars in stock, particular in every nook and cranny in Mount Street where one can hardly move without fear of disturbing a sleeping cabinet of 1990 Hoyo Double Coronas or something similar.

You can buy them singly to try ‘em out, which is an absolute Brucie bonus, and at least you know the 1994 Partagas Serie D No.4 you’re about to light up is just that, and not a 2016 version with a new label. Disturbing, but it does happen.

The increase in demand for vintage cigars in recent years, particularly in the UK, has seen a corresponding rise in a few unscrupulous coves taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers, so caveat emptor. Better, rather, to stick with a tried and trusted expert in the field and you can rest easy as you light your selection and you can concentrate on the flavours and not on the provenance.

Finally, the older you get, hopefully the wiser you become. And you realise that a grabby, “look what I’ve got,” selfish attitude to life is a sure way to unhappiness. It looks bad on others and is grotesque on you personally.

Concentrate on quality, not on quantity. But still buy a bigger humidor.

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