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IT’S a funny old business, the cigar one.

Sometimes it feels like it’s full of fuddy-duddies and that nothing really changes.

And at others, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of stuff going on – new lines, new vitolas, new blends, new kit.

It’s interesting to watch from the sidelines at stuff that comes and goes, and see what sticks. There’s no geek like a cigar geek, and drawers and old cigar boxes full of discarded knick knacks which were once a ‘must have’ surely litter studies, lounges and under beds the world over.

I find the recent craze for ever funkier cutters quite amusing. At the end of the day, 99.9% of your cutting needs can (and probably should) be met by a good old straight-cut guillotine. Yet ask a pal for a cutter and you’re just as likely to be handed a confusing contraption with various knobs and buttons, an articulated piece of engineering that wouldn’t look out of place on a precision toolmaker’s bench or even one of the ‘new brigade’ – a lethal looking folding knife.

These seem to be all the rage, but quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust myself with one. For a man who is capable of lopping off a finger with a child’s spoon, I’m not one to be trusted with lethal weapons. And, quite frankly, in my humble opinion, I’m not sure they’re the best tool for the job when it comes to cutting cigars. That’s just my personal opinion, you of course will make up your own mind.

Aside from slicing off your pinky, you may also, if you’re not an expert, crush the bejesus out of your cigar’s cap. In this vein of slightly old man moaning, I saw something this morning which made me smile. This sort of thing always makes me think of fishing shops; absolutely packed full of widgets and gadgets designed not so much to catch fish as fishermen!

Anyway, I include a link to this latest piece of cigar gadgetry here. This looks like a lot of fun; a lighter which changes colour as it heats up. Watch the video – it’s like magic! Doesn’t affect your cigar and its taste in the slightest, of course, but it does create a talking point for sure!

I wonder what other crazy cigar accoutrements we could dream up between us? A Bluetooth cigar rest? Talking cutter? (‘Please cut now, Sir’); A remote control cigar case on wheels? That beeps when it’s time for a cigar?

I’m sure you can come up with some crackers. You never know, if you come up with something really good that makes LD laugh, he might feel like offering up a little smoky prize…

Ping your ideas, drawings, thoughts and suggestions to

Long Ashes.

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