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Juicy Lusi
Juicy Lusi

Juicy Lusi

LONG, dark nights mean long, dark cigars. Winter just got a whole lot better.

Most of us look into the near future of short days, cold temperatures, blustery winds and rain, rain and more rain with a deep sigh. Hibernation is not an option.

But all is not lost. There are some upsides – honest. Think beef stew and dumplings; a roaring log fire; the magic of waking to a snow-covered landscape; coming in out of the fresh air and opening a bottle of something French and life affirming.

And, of course, Sautter is on hand to steer you in the right direction. Let’s face it, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, all you got to do is call, and we’ll there, yes we will – you’ve got a friend.

On Wednesday, December 7, we shall prove this by hosting an extraordinary Zoom event, but you’ll need to be quick out of the blocks to take advantage of LD’s remarkable generosity.

The deal is thus; You fork out £100 of your finest, hard-earned cash – and we supply the tasting event of the year which should be costing you many times your investment. What could be so special, I hear you cry? Read on.

First, we will equip you with a Partagas Lusitania to set about. Not only is this mighty Churchill sized classic rarer than a Bishop in a brothel these stock-starved days, even if you could find one, it would set you back fifty quid! That’s half your ticket price right there.

Then, once you’ve gotten over drooling over the juicy Lusi, you will also find in your carefully wrapped event pack a dram of 25-year-old Glenfarclas. A bottle of that will set you back in excess of £200. Then your eager little fingers will find a dram of 25-year-old Laphroaig; that’s about £500 a bottle. And then, frantically scrabbling like a nipper with his Christmas stocking, you’ll find another wee dram – this one a 25-year-old Tomintoul. Just another £200 a bottle for that little cracker.

So, as you can see, a great night is in store. It’s fair to say that levels of silliness may well be on the rise by the time the third dram is cracked and we start to puff on the final third of the Lusi.

Although, it’s also fair to say that LD is a pretty fast smoker, so he’ll probably have already lit up an E2 while he waits for everyone else to catch up.

This barnstormer of an evening is a bargain as we hope you’ll agree and as mentioned, you need to book your place right now to be sure of a spot. Only a measly 20 tickets are available (told you Lusitania’s were like hen’s teeth and the drams aren’t easy to come by either) so don’t dilly or dally, dally or dilly, lose your way and know not where to roam – just click here right this very second and book your place and you can sleep easy knowing that for once in your life, you’ve definitely made the right decision.

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