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Some Things Just Work…
Some Things Just Work...
Some Things Just Work...

Some Things Just Work…

Weird how some things just go well together.

Like fish and chips, or pie and mash.

And sometimes in life, you’re lucky enough to find a place, a pastime – if you’re really, really lucky, a person – who just seems to go together perfectly with you.

I think a lot of cigar people feel this way about their love for the leaf, albeit subconsciously. It just fits their personality so well.

A lover of Test Match cricket can travel to some of the finest countries in the world and sample their delights by following their chosen sport; steamy tea plantatons in Sri Lanka, the golden sands of the West Indies, cosmopolitan Cape Town in South Africa, the laid back glory of Adelaide in Australia and more.

And if you’re a really serious cigar lover – by that we mean keen to meet the makers and the shakers, the countries, people and places that make enjoying cigars possible – then you can undertake a similarly fulfilling journey around the world that will last you a lifetime.

Sure, the obvious candidates are Cuba and the Caribbean, for these are inextricably linked with the world’s very best growers and manufacturers of cigar tobacco. And who doesn’t fancy a few days of rum, sea, sand and sun when January ticks over into February and Britain battens down the hatches? There are sure worse ways of learning and exploring.

You may find all you want right here in this little belt of the world which includes both ‘New World’ and Old World cigar makers. You may never leave. But if you choose to explore further, there are still a vast number of cigar-related places you can visit and enjoy.

The United States has a massive cigar culture; most of the brands grown in Nicaragua – the world’s largest exporter of fine, handrolled cigars – are based in the US, for example. Want to see Connecticut seed wrapper actually growing in Connecticut? Or drive out to some of the very cool little cigar stores along the Florida Keys and enjoy a smoke overlooking the sultry waters? Or perhaps you’d prefer exploring the city of Ybor near Tampa, which used to the country’s cigar making hub. Some of the massive old cigar buildings still exist here. Locals call it Cigar City.

Of course, there is a rich European cigar heritage too, from the grand divans of Vienna to the dining houses of France. There is a small, but fanatical band of Italian cigar lovers, too; who organise get togethers with fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

Of course, equal to any of these is the pull of the London cigar scene, perhaps the cigar capital of the world outside Havana. With several beautiful shops to enjoy, exquisite sampling rooms and grand private vaults of cigars, you’ll find whatever you seek in the capital.

Your cigar pleasure can become a compass too, you know; guiding you around the world and to some of its most interesting and amazing people. Trust us – we’re already enjoying the journey.

Why don’t you hop on board?

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