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A World of Opportunity
A World of Opportunity
A World of Opportunity

A World of Opportunity

IT’S easy to think that all is doom and gloom in the cigar world – and beyond, for that matter – but here at Sautter, we think it’s of vital importance to view your glass as half-full as often as possible.

If you are unable to get hold of your favourite cigars because of an overall world shortage or because they have been priced out of your range, then you have two choices – you can feel bad, mope about, rage against the machine and generally feel bad about one of your favourite pastimes – or you can choose to be a little more stoical about the situation.

Everything is an opportunity in some way or another and we find it is helpful to view the current situation in the same way. Now is the time to reassess your cigar habits and preferences; a time to throw the net wide and see what you can haul in. There has never been a better time in cigar history to broaden your cigar horizons. We are blessed with a plethora of highly skilled cigar makers and farmers and unprecedented access to unique and unusual tobaccos worldwide.

More handmade, long-filler cigars are being made now than at any time in living memory and we can thank the rise of the New World cigar industry for that. While Cuba may be having a hard time getting enough of its rarefied product made and shipped out to hungry cigar lovers worldwide, countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and more are picking up the slack.

Major New World brands – some of which have been through the last cigar boom in the 1990s and survived its aftermath and all sorts of issues since then – are now at the peak of their powers and working on some of the most delicious cigar blends ever created.

There are more vitolas (shapes and sizes) than ever before, so whether you like a long, thin, mild and delicate cigar or a monstrous, oily, potent torpedo, you simply have to click your metaphorical fingers to make them appear in your humidor.

While we would always encourage you to visit your local cigar merchant on a regular basis – there is nothing like seeing and smelling the sticks firsthand and besides, you get to mix with our incredible cigar family, too – it has never been easier to cast off a quick email to enquire about your latest order, or simply getting it delivered in prime condition in super-fast time without having to leave your smoking chair.

So, embrace this situation; be grateful that we are out and about once more in time for a glorious summer and able to still indulge in our favourite pastime with like-minded people. Good things will come out of these new sets of circumstances – they always do. So, let’s make the most of them with a fine cigar to light our way.

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