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Brave New World
Brave New World
Brave New World

Brave New World

WHAT will the world look like once we’re out the other side?

It’s a huge question. Much has changed on many fronts and that change may continue to be felt even after we’re regained some sense of normality after this extraordinary and prolonged Covid interruption to our lives.

How will it affect the way we buy and enjoy our cigars, for example?

A few short years ago, online shopping was in its infancy and the level of customer service that the cigar industry has been able to achieve over the last year has been nothing short of miraculous.

Sautter is no exception. As well as click and collect availability from the Mount Street store, the Sautter team has never been busier picking and packing and posting cigar-related goodies to every possible corner of the cigar-loving world.

Sautter has also pioneered the ‘new technology’ joint smokealongs that have become so familiar in recent times. With special guests from across the cigar world, from manufacturers to retailers, to specialists to friends, the Sautter Instagram live shows; the ticketed Zoom tastings; the YouTube videos, filmed when possible in between lockdowns, have all allowed us to continue to ‘meet cigar friends old and new and retain a sense of belonging to a community which has always thrived on its ability to catch up regularly over a good smoke to shoot the breeze.

Many of these things will remain. The online events have not just provided a pleasant diversion for those of us not able to recommence our usual cigar shop/lounge gatherings. It has given a new outlet and representation to a whole swathe of people who, while interested in the world of cigars, were not willing or able to attend live events. Some of them are invalids; some of them carers; some work odd hours or live in remote places where to travel to attend cigar events would entail much costly travel, accommodation and time.

Now, they buy a ticket, pull up a comfy chair, open a favourite libation and kick back in the comfort of their own homes for a couple of hours distraction from apocalyptic news which has seemed to run on repeat for so long.

Many hardy souls aren’t blessed with a tolerant spouse when it comes to cigar smoking; or don’t have a windproof and cosy den from which to join proceedings. Many have braved the elements, lit the firepit, made room in the potting shed and more to be able to take part.

We salute you, however you have joined us in this strange journey over recent months. Tell us what you’d like to see, what events appeal, what cigars you’d like dissected. We remain as keen to connect with you, our customers and friends, as we ever did when the Sautter tills rang merrily and folk dropped by as part of their daily travels.

That time will come again. And we look forward to it as well as embracing a new way of continuing to enjoy your business and friendship.

Stay safe.

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