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You Can Open Your Eyes
You Can Open Your Eyes...
You Can Open Your Eyes...

You Can Open Your Eyes

WELL, that took a while, didn’t it?

It seems like a very long time ago indeed that Sautter was happily penning a blog post each week or so and we were all merrily going about our business as we’d always done. And then ominous noises from abroad alerted us to the fact that something seismic was happening. And things have never been quite the same again since.

But, now in May 2021, those sunnier uplands so longed for in the long, dark, cold of Winter, are right in front of us. Boris is releasing the shackles. And with vaccinations by the bucketload happening every day, we are getting back, cautiously, to some sort of normality.

Will it last? Is it another false dawn? Is it safe to come out from behind the sofa and open our eyes again?

Well, we don’t really know the answer to that yet. But in the spirit of optimism, let’s crack on as best we can. And that, to us happy folk, means cigars.

It’s been very difficult for all at Sautter to not be able to give you the service you’ve come to expect; not being able to let you into the shop to sample some of our amazing cigars, for example; having to close our doors and go online during the worst of the pandemic.

For obvious reasons, online cigar sales went through the roof, but sales of accessories – things like humidors and humitrunks, cigar cases, lighters and cutters – fell to virtually nothing because these are the things that cigar lovers like to touch and feel before making their all-important choices.

Slowly but surely, that’s changing again. Our stocks of accessories are fantastic, with a broad range, whatever your requirements; we’ve restocked on interesting new things while you’ve been away, so take your time in browsing online and then perhaps drop into the store if you’d like an up close and personal examination.

Our ticketed online events (like the amazing Cohiba 55th Anniversary bash) will continue, although in not such frequency as during lockdown, of course. We shall endeavour to keep you entertained with weekly Instagram Live shows, YouTube reviews and more.

And with the world returning to a resemblance of normality – in the UK, at least – then the blog posts too will keep you up to date on what’s happening, when and how you can get involved. Our communication with you is a two-way thing, though; please let us know about what we could do better, what you’d like to see, what you’d like more of and what you’d like less of. We’ll do our best to get it right, with your guidance.

Let’s set forth then, on a new voyage of discovery, and hope there isn’t another hidden reef out there with our name on it. We’ve already manned the lifeboats once, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Welcome back.

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