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Let’s Look Forward
Let's Look Forward
Let's Look Forward

Let’s Look Forward

EVEN just a read back through these blogs is a telling comment on our times.

The last year has been unlike any that we have ever seen.

Every time we thought we had this virus in check, it has come back to bite us and we continue to be controlled by it, rather than getting it under control ourselves.

That can take a telling toll on one’s mental state. The feeling of our lives being out of control and picking up speed down a black run we do not feel equipped to deal with is one of the most debilitating and potentially disastrous ones we can have for our wellbeing and that of those around us.

Of course, the truth is, we’re never really in control, not when it comes down to it. There is always the chance of fate stepping in and waving an airy hand over our fragile existence, changing everything in a heartbeat. But you can’t live your life worrying about that, or you’d never leave the front door. Control those things we can, let go the things we can’t.

Cigars, Sautter feels, can play a large part in this healthy acceptance of life as it passes us by from day to day. Cigars are a constant companion. They do not come and go, blow hot and cold (unless you let them go out!), let you down or turn their back on you.

The simple pleasure of taking time out of your everyday existence to settle down into yourself, become aware of how your mind and body is feeling, take stock and then delve into your humidor – whether it contains 5 cigars or 5,000 – to choose something to smoke, is a powerful mental action of taking control.

It is freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom of time. You give yourself consent to enjoy that cigar for as long as it takes, and that internal permission, whether you realise it or not, sends a massive cathartic message to your subconscious mind. I am still in control.

Sautter has long opined that the immeasurable mental and spiritual benefits obtained by the mindful smoking of cigars, is underestimated by everyone apart from those of us who recognise it.

As an example, we received a message from a British GP via email just this week. The Doctor – better placed than anyone, we would argue, to realise this benefit of aware cigar smoking, – said this:

“I have been watching your cigar review videos on YouTube for most of the last year, and they have been a real and much-needed pleasure throughout the Covid crisis. I am a GP working in the North East of England and have special interests in Diabetes and Mental Health. I recently watched one of your review videos (which I didn’t see at the time it was originally published, in March 2020). During the video you and Nick were talking about the Covid crisis and I was really moved by your thoughtful words on mental health, and the importance of supporting neighbours during the lockdowns.”

This is music to our ears. We stand together with you to help in the small way we can. Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, we salute you.

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