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Look How Far We’ve Come
Look How Far We've Come
Look How Far We've Come

Look How Far We’ve Come

SO much has changed in such a short space of time.

It’s discombobulating, for sure, but it’s also strangely exciting; to see, for example, how nature has poured seamlessly back in to fill the void that we have left in public spaces.

Deer wander along village high streets, the birds have the skies to themselves again; the roads are quieter, safer for wandering mammals and pedestrians alike.

While this virus has been devastating in the extreme for so many, we can also see proof right before our eyes that the sun will come up tomorrow; the birds will sing, the sun will shine, the rain will fall, and the seasons will pass without any interference from us. We’re accustomed to believing – and acting – that the world revolves around us as a species. Guess what? It doesn’t.

This realisation exciting as well as daunting because it shows how quickly and easily we can change if we really want to. Air pollution down, carbon footprint down, social cohesion better and the environment suddenly given a much needed respite. All this in the space of a few weeks. If we found a way to continue, enhance and protect the gains that have come out of this whole awful business, we would surely put a stop to global warming in the blink of an eye. Just ponder that for a second. We’ve been arguing about it for 50 years while making the situation worse and worse until we’ve been forced, against our will, to do something about it. Almost makes you believe there’s a greater plan, doesn’t it?

Businesses have discovered that they don’t, after all, need to treat their employees like automatons, marching them in and out of grey offices at exactly the same time of day, standing over them to make sure they do their work and don’t skive like naughty schoolchildren. But guess what? Given the opportunity and the freedom to work from home, they’ve actually been at least as, if not more, productive than ever before. And, juggling family issues aside, they’ve actually enjoyed the process. Just think; some of us have been able to enjoy a good cigar while working from home. What a joy! Unnecessary commutes into London in disagreeably close contact with other stressed and tired strangers – totally avoidable. Fortunes saved on rail travel. Time and sanity saved along the way.

Of course, not everyone can do their jobs from home, or would want to. But millions of us have proven we can. Let’s make the world a better and more flexible place as a result of Covid-19; not be so dogmatic on old ways of working. And the same could be applied to our smoking and perception of cigars. Don’t just reach for the same old standards – broaden your horizons, search out new ways of enjoying the hobby you love in ways that best suit you and your lifestyle, without turning into an unhealthy obsession.

You never know – if our business leaders and employers decide that for at least part of the week, perhaps, you can work from home – you may even be able to enjoy chatting to your boss for once soon. While smoking a cigar.

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