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The Hamster Ratings
The Hamster Ratings
The Hamster Ratings

The Hamster Ratings

The Hamster Ratings are a mark of tongue in cheek respect from none other than Nick Hammond, master wordsmith and doyen of the Good Life. He’s been a passionate cigar man for many years, has written (or is writing) several cigar books, and plays Robin to Laurence Davis’ Batman in many of the Sautter YouTube video reviews which have become so popular around the world.

Nick has personally reviewed each and every Sautter cigar which includes a Hamster Rating alongside it, so while you may not always agree exactly with his tasting notes or his sentiments, you can rest assured that the cigar in question has been assessed by a knowledgable palate across the board; from looks, first impressions, burn, draw and construction, to over-arching flavours, impressions, nuances and even suggested pairings and times and places to enjoy which may help you get the very best out of your smoke.

Hamster Rating

  • One Hamster – a decent, if pedestrian, stick. Worth having in your armoury, but nothing to write home about.
  • Two Hamsters – a decent cigar with some interesting nuances. Such a cigar may be well matched to a particular flavour profile or time of day.
  • Three Hamsters – these are the cigars you should be aiming at on a regular basis; solid, rewarding Cuban cigars which will give you a journey and a story to enjoy front start to finish.
  • Four Hamsters – now we’re talking. A cigar which, due to its complexity, flavour depth and profile, or its sheer indulgence, lifts itself above the rest of the pack.
  • Five Hamsters – a showstopping, barnstormer of a cigar which you’d be mad to miss. A glorious demonstration of the timeless art of marrying second-to-none Cuban tobacco with centuries of blending and rolling know-how.


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