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Ho, Ho, Hope?
Ho, Ho, Hope?
Ho, Ho, Hope?

Ho, Ho, Hope?

OH Lordy, it’s that time again. What on earth am I going to get the man or woman who has everything?

Christmas comes but once a year, so they say, although it feels more like twice or thrice by the time December 25 finally rolls round, such is the brouhaha served up in the previous couple of months.

We love a festive gathering as much as the next man, but the incessant drone of annoying Christmas songs and tacky decorations months in advance is a sad indictment of the modern, commercially-driven world. Bah Humbug.

But, one does have to shake oneself down and get geared up for the big day eventually. And what to buy for your Dear Heart, the one that means the most, your life partner or to coin a modern parlance – your BAE?!

Sautter is at your service.

As well as the emporia of wonders which are our stores serving cutters, ashtrays, humitrunks, accessories and of course, cigars, we can go one better and take all the pain out of the process for you. Let us explain.

Firstly, if you are lady or gent whose partner is a confirmed cigar lover, come and see us. You stand a much better chance of hitting the nail on the proverbial head if you get some advice, and if your beloved is already a Sautter customer, even better; we can bring up their details and find out the sort of thing they like. Hey presto! Present buying condundrum solved. As we speak, we’re busy putting together some future events which will make the life of the present-buying wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend that much easier.

Something like a small gathering, a glass of something, some useful expert opinion on something relevant – and the chance to peruse a pile of Sautter’s finest wares at special prices for you to take advantage of. What’s not to like?

So, to kickstart the grey matter, we’ve put together a few Sautter luxury hampers for you to take advantage of this Christmas. There are a range of values and contents, from a nip of Sautter Scotch here to a perfectly picked plethora of fine Cuban cigars – and every hamper comes complete with a copy of Nick Hammond’s Around The World In 80 Cigars, as fine a travel and cigar tome as you could wish to find. These hampers will be listed soon on the website, so keep your eyes peeled – and remember, you’ll do a lot worse than to nip into a shop and ask one of our experts for their advice on what you should be shelling out your hard-earned on this Yuletide.

A cigar lover like nothing more than a thoughtful cigar present and if it’s something that he would have delighted in buying for him or herself, it’s an even more appreciated prize.

Make your special someone happy this Christmas – and get along to your nearest Sautter.

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