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People In Cigars: Magali De La Cruz

People In Cigars: Magali De La Cruz

FOR someone who has been intimately involved in London’s cigar scene for decades, Magali de la Cruz still shows a remarkable level of enthusiasm for the humble hand-rolled cigar. If you’ve ever been to Sautter of Mount Street, the chances are that you will have met, or at least seen – and more than likely, heard Mags.

Come On In, The Water’s Lovely!

Come On In, The Water's Lovely!

GOOD times come; good times go. The same can be said for bad times, for that matter. Find a man who’ll tell you he’s had nothing but good times all his life and you’ll have found either a liar, an idiot, or quite possibly both.

Sampling Galore

Sampling Galore...

DO you remember pick’n’ mix when you were a kid? When you could have a couple of mojos, a blackjack or three, the obligatory flying saucer, a white chocolate mouse, shoelaces, a flump, cola bottles and one of those hideous tasting bananas for just a few of your precious pocket money pennies.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

THERE’S still a great deal of uncertainty, but one thing is for sure – humans are nothing if not resourceful. With the advent of lockdown, the internet really came into its own, didn’t it? Those with shares in Zoom looked like soothsayers and we all gathered around our screens to, as Billy Joel might say, ‘forget about life for a while.’

The World Moves On

The World Moves On

As ever, the human capacity to adapt and press on never fails to amaze. We’ve come a long way in the last few months and no doubt we’ve a way to go yet, but the streets are (very) slowly picking up some life once more and people are getting out and about again, as they have to do if we are to fire up our country’s wheezing economy.

Some Things Just Work…

Some Things Just Work...

Weird how some things just go well together. Like fish and chips, or pie and mash. And sometimes in life, you’re lucky enough to find a place, a pastime – if you’re really, really lucky, a person – who just seems to go together perfectly with you.

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