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WE’VE been thinking.

It happens you know, more often than you may imagine.

It’s easy to let things chug along as normal, accepting things are the way they are because that’s the way they’ve always been.

Tradition and history are a fine thing and worthy of respect and appreciation. But that doesn’t mean nothing should ever change. The cigar world is a classic example of the mash-up between old and new, tradition and innovation; the two meet head on over a number of issues from cigar size, brand style, method of cut and light and accessories. And we all have an opinion.

Sautter is in Mount Street on one of London’s finest up-market retail streets – the very highest end of Mayfair know-how and elegance. The beautiful old building we occupy was once home to Sir Winston himself. Fitting, no?

So, we get tradition and loyalty and time served, and history and its gravitas, make no mistake about it. Dear Desmond Sautter’s original walk in humidor is still pressed into sterling service today, providing some incredible Cuban smokes for the discerning palate.

But we also get that there are newcomers to the hobby. That young people want funkier, more exciting designs and experiences than perhaps their fathers or grandfathers do. And we cater for you all.

Another of the endless list of reasons to love cigars is the personalisation you can enjoy with the accessories and accoutrements that go with it. There is an endless supply of cutters, lighters, cases, humidors and more to go along with your smoke. Here, Sautter is also unrivalled.

Who else do you know that is taking decades-old vintage steamer trunks and converting then into stunning, covetable, practical works of cigar art? We work hard in securing you the finest accessories and custom-designed specials – and, as always, you need to keep a close eye on our website, our social media and our video channels to keep up to date. There are some very cool things we are working on and we’d hate you to miss out.

People these days want something that lifts them out of the ordinary, gives colour and expression to their lives and makes them feel good as they go about their work and play. We at Sautter feel that nowhere can better express this than the wonderful world of fine, hand-rolled cigars. And we also feel that we are best placed to offer you the opportunity to best express your cigar style and feelings.

We marry the old and the new, we take fine, old furniture and reimagine it for a new audience and we take pleasure in matching you up with the very finest accessories you could wish for.

As we say, keep an eye on our announcements, pop in and see us regularly to see what’s new. We are delighted to serve as your cigar merchant of choice.

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